Running with the night

April 24, 2013

asics1I finally bought new running shoes! I’ve decided to try to run a few road races (5k) this summer and since I haven’t run since the Achille’s tear I thought it might be a good idea to retire my venerable Asics in an effort to protect my feet. I remembered writing about them before and found this post from my old blog. Amusingly I mention that “they’re so old I don’t remember when I bought them.” And that post was from 2005! So I guess I was more than overdue for a new pair.

I found these new Asics on, which I discovered through Buying shoes online may seem risky but these days it’s not hard to find reviews that inform whether a certain shoe runs to size or not. And they do fit perfectly, so I have no complaints about my shoes. My body, however, is not reacting well to the resumption of running. I seem to have underestimated the amount of work it will take to get in even half-way respectable running shape. Today I planned to run two miles and after a half a mile I switched to walking for a bit. I was huffing and puffing and since the bike path was infested with gnats I also ate quite a few bugs by accident. I thought my wind wouldn’t be a problem since I’ve been able to play some light basketball and soccer without tiring too much, but I guess I was getting way more rest during those games.

I did complete the two miles through a mixture of running, walking, running backwards, and running sideways. These last two I mixed in because I figured I need to strengthen all the muscles in my legs and wanted to hit the calves a bit extra. At this point I just want to achieve balance and good form. I’ll worry about speed later if all goes well.



3 Responses to “Running with the night”

  1. Clair said

    Oh gosh, I thought I kept MY shoes for too long! =)

    I’m no runner, but I think the nice thing about it is that if you’re consistent, you get to be in shape at a really rapid rate. It’s like you can hardly run at all…and then before you know it, you feel like a racer!

  2. tonykulla said

    I don’t know about racing, but it’s definitely coming along. My cross-training approach is going well. I’ve added in some cycling for even more variety (and yes, I wore the cycling “tights”).

  3. kimberly lanowy said

    too funny! Claire is right on! You’ll be marathon ready before long! But the bike pants sound nice too 😉

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