When a C is better than an A

March 2, 2012

I’m going to deviate from my recent obsession with architecture to write a bit about another of my old loves… automobile design. Here’s a photo taken right after I bought my Mazda3 in 2004. I bought the car for a number of reasons… driving dynamics, perfect size (I like sedans that are just big enough to transport four adults), a high-quality interior, and solid and sporty exterior styling. The car has excellent proportions with short overhangs and nice detail work.

My favorite part of the car is highlighted above… the C-pillar (for sedans, the C-pillar is the most rearward support of the glass area, the B-pillars are between the doors, and the A-pillars frame the windshield). The C-pillar of the 3 features an extreme example of the Hofmeister kink commonly found on BMWs, which sits above the hard (for the time) “shoulder” crease that runs the length of the car, another feature I like quite a bit.


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