October 21, 2011

Today I did a google search for “godfather” – truth be told I didn’t know much about the role since I grew up in a nonreligious family. I discovered that the term dates back to the 2nd century, though at that point the godparent’s were almost always the biological parents (not sure what the point was). By the 5h century parents were replaced in this role by friends or relatives who “sponsored” the child’s baptism. Godparents have traditionally been responsible for the child’s religious education, and made sure the child would not be orphaned in the event of the parents’ demise. Today the role varies by denomination and individual preference, but in general a godfather takes a special interest in the child’s life, sort of like a super-uncle or something.

On a side note, I’ve never seen or read The Godfather… I’m watching it now as I write this.


One Response to “Godfatherly”

  1. Kim Lanowy said

    how was it the 2nd time around? was it like lasagna?

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