The other day I was watching a documentary about the ongoing Parthenon restoration efforts going on in Athens. Having just visited the Acropolis a couple of years ago and seen the scaffolded yet still magnificent structure up close (though not close enough for my tastes), I was curious to see when the work would be finished and how extensive the refurbishment was to be. As I often do while watching television, I became impatient with the slow pace of the show and went online to find out more. In my virtual travels I discovered that there is a full-scale reconstruction of the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee! It’s not a replica of the ruin – it’s a remake of the structure as it was originally built, but it’s made of concrete and not marble. It even has an interior with a large golden Athena statue. And it’s a bit historic in itself (at least by American standards) since it was built in 1897. I would love to stand next the those giant columns and think about how incredible it must have seemed to the ancient Greeks. So I’m putting it on my list of travel destinations, perhaps as a detour on some sort of long road trip.



May 31, 2011

Hey there! Welcome to my new blog. The concept is very simple – I’m going to write about one thing that I learned every day (or at least every day that I find time to post). I anticipate this being an easy task, though I’m not sure how interesting it will be for my readers. Most of the time I’ll be merely recording the results of the quick research I regularly conduct after something has piqued my interest. If nothing else, it will be a way for me to reflect on the utility of each day.